Details of Ryan Harman’s mother’s cancer battle

Ryan Harman
Ryan Harman

TikTok users are “sobbing” over a teen’s heartbreaking essay that made her professor cry after it went viral.

After her mother passed away from cancer when she was just eighteen, Ryan Harman Essay, a teenager, wrote the touching essay.

Since Harman posted screenshots of the narrative she wrote about her mother’s tragic demise. The TikTok has received almost 7 million views and one million likes.

Her mother died of cancer when she was just eighteen years old, and her sorrowful words tell the painful and real account of that event.

Details of Ryan Harman’s mother’s cancer battle

In May 2022, Ryan graduated from high school and her mother had been battling cancer for a year. This is when the essay that made her English teacher cry occurs.

Harman started her terrible tale by stating that her mother had received a January 2021 diagnosis of sarcoma cancer.

Every day since receiving the diagnosis, she has lost a little piece of herself. Ryan Harman stated in her article, “She was the best mom anyone could ask for—she was strong, resilient, loving, and caring.”

Harman clarified that at the time, her mother made it her goal to be present for her children’s prom and graduation.

“She never asked the doctors for a time expectancy; she wanted to live as best she could with her husband and her three children,” Ryan Harman wrote.

It was a huge achievement for her mother, who didn’t get out of the home often, to see daughter come over the stage at graduation while in a wheelchair.

That night, Ryan left for a week-long beach vacation with all of her closest friends, and during her time away, she texted her mother to keep her informed of all the trouble.

Her mother stopped returning her texts and FaceTime conversations on Friday, and she started to worry a lot.

Upon returning home, her father informed her that the situation had gotten worse. They went to the hospital and received some unfavorable news there.

She was placed in hospice treatment after the tumors had developed quickly and her spine had collapsed by 75%. The essay says that her mother never got out of the bed again.

Ryan was shocked when her mom’s condition collapsed, as couldn’t accept the fact that her mom will pass away while she is just 18.

Harman in her essay also added that her heart was shattered into million pieces, describing her immense pain in knowing her mom’s end was nearing.

When the time came for Harman’s mother to pass away, she remembered sitting by her side nearly all the time and experiencing “relief” because “my mom passed away just the way she wanted to and I knew she wasn’t in pain anymore.”

Several TikTokers were moved to tears by the essay, and several of them commented on how proud her mother would be of her.