GenYouTube download photo videos and status

GenYouTube download photo videos and status

GenYouTube is a worldwide famous online platform, where users can download video content from YouTube. And what makes it more favourable amongst youngsters is that it’s free and easy to use. It allows users to GenYouTube download photos of any YouTube video in 720p or 1080p, which gives a standard HD resolution for videos. It carries almost 55 video formats. And the star fact about this tool is it will be so helpful in downloading music and converting it into mp3. Apart from these benefits, there are multiple key features of GenYouTube, such as-

It is 100% free and easy to use.

It is extremely compatible with Safari and google chrome. 

You can download any video in any format in high resolution.

It works on super-fast script and that is why there is no need to stress about the downloading speed. 

Advantages of GenYouTube

  1. There is no need to install any other software to download videos if you are using is GenYouTube as well as croxyproxy youtube .
  2. This tool is pocket friendly, it’s completely free and it makes it beneficial for everyone. 
  3. This tool is understandable for everyone, it carries a simple layout and easy navigation. In fact, if someone hasn’t any technical knowledge it works for them as well. 
  4. It carries a diversified format and resolutions. So the users can pick any format according to their needs. 

Disadvantages of GenYouTube 

  1. GenYouTube is one of the best video-downloading tools but there are some kind of limitations regarding the features, which have to be present in any idol software. 
  2. It is an independent service, so if any user finds difficulty, they are not able to get any consumer support. 
  3. It might be dangerous for your device because whenever you download the video from GenYouTube, you will face some security risk. 
  4. It also violates YouTube’s terms and conditions and there is some probability that users will face legal issues as well. 

Steps to download photos and videos with the help of GenYouTube from youtube

Point to be noted that the steps are similar either to downloading videos from app or website. So let’s learn step by step.

  1. Just open the
  2. Then enter the video URL in search box
  3. Simply generate the download link
  4. Select the video according to your preference and download it
  5. Give the title of the video or rename the video
  6. You will see the new tab 
  7. Then focus on those three dots on the right side of your screen and click on the download and then video will start downloading in itself

Tips to avoid security risks while using GenYouTube

If you don’t want to face security risks, simply follow these steps-

  1. Use an antivirus program. So you will be able to protect your device from any technical errors and safety risk.
  2. Try to use the GenYouTube website from a valid and trusty source such as its official website. 
  3. Strictly use VPN while using GenYouTube. It will protect your privacy as well as your device.