Michael Imperioli’s Wife Victoria Chlebowski: Everything You Need to Know

Victoria Chlebowski

Despite being an actress, businesswoman, and producer, Victoria Chlebowski is best known as the spouse of Michael Imperioli, an American actor, director, and screenwriter. The Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series is only one of the numerous outstanding awards Michael Imperioli has won. For his part in the HBO show The Sopranos, he received this award. He is indeed well-known, and his stunning wife Victoria Chlebowski has benefited from the popularity as well. She has spent more than 20 years by his side. They have known each other since college, thus their marriage was not the beginning of their relationship.

Victoria Chlebowski Childhood and Education

In 2023, Victoria Chlebowski will be 57 years old. She was born in Russia during the Soviet Union era in 1966. Despite being raised in a Jewish family, Victoria was a devoted Christian. Due to anti-Semitism, Raisa Chlebowski, her mother, fled Russia for Ukraine in 1976. In the late 2000s, she was employed in real estate. Ryszard Chlebowski, Victoria’s stepfather, is a great craftsman who specialises in panelling and mouldings. He and his daughter are working together to refurbish a theatre in Chelsea.

Her family life

Vadim, David, and Isabella Imperioli, the couple’s three children, were born in September 1996 after Michael Imperioli wed Victoria Chlebowski. They have been able to maintain a pretty discreet family life while having demanding occupations. They do, however, sporadically post pictures of their family life on social media.

Victoria Chlebowski Career

But Chlebowski’s passion for the arts never faded, and ultimately she began creating and appearing in films. Her most well-known performance came in the 2013 movie “Joy de V,” when she played Laszlo. She has also produced a number of short films and is well-recognised for her work on the renovation of a manufacturing building she and Michael Imperioli own in Tribeca.

Regarding her passion

Victoria has demonstrated a penchant for interior design throughout her career. She has worked on renovating numerous structures and commodities with the goal of reusing existing goods rather than purchasing new ones. Victoria’s commitment to preservation and sustainability is admirable, and her work reflects her principles. Along with her activities in the renovation, Victoria and her husband own a well-liked bohemian pub in Chelsea. The decor, which combines historical and modern features, reflects their distinctive taste. Victoria is artistically talented as well. She and Michael worked together to open the off-Broadway theatre Studio Dante, where Michael Imperioli was the director. A number of productions, including Imperioli’s own, were staged at the theatre.

Individual Style

Victoria Chlebowski is renowned for her distinctive sense of fashion, which fuses bohemian flair with traditional elegance. She frequently dons flowing skirts and dresses in soft hues, accessorised with bold pieces of jewellery. Her style is easy chic, and many of her admirers have tried to imitate it.

Victoria Chlebowski Gross Value

It is anticipated that Victoria Chlebowski’s net worth will be close to $100,000 by the year 2023. Despite the fact that her husband will have $20 million in wealth in 2022, Victoria has also contributed to the family’s riches. In July 2010, Victoria and her husband listed their Chelsea townhouse for sale for $5.5 million. It eventually raked in $4.15 million after numerous price reductions and relisting. The couple invested $2.4 million in a multi-use structure at 499 Canal Street in 2007.


Businesswoman and actress Victoria Chlebowski holds fervent views on Buddhism and philanthropy. Victoria’s life has been full of ups and downs, starting with her humble beginnings in Russia and continuing with her personal growth and involvement in humanitarian endeavours. She and her partner have created a successful financial and emotionally fulfilling life together. Victoria Chlebowski is a daily reminder that every great man has a strong, competent lady in his life.

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