Rema Calm Down Song Lyrics And Other Amazing Facts

Rema Calm Down Song Lyrics And Other Amazing Facts
Rema Calm Down Song Lyrics And Other Amazing Facts

Rema, a Nigerian artist, earned worldwide popularity with his second track, “Calm Down.” ‘Calm Down’ tune’s popularity grew progressively before peaking with its release of Selena Gomez’s remix. The ‘Calm down lyrics’ track is a perfect addition to any soundtrack for an outing or an intimate date because of its appealing lyrics & tune.

Rema’s Calm Down

Rema, a Nigerian musician, has a song called ‘Calm Down’ on his first studio album, Rave & Roses. ‘Calm Down’ was made available on the eleventh of February in 2022 through Joining World & Mavin as the album’s 2nd single. Rema’s calming melody “Calm Down” is about an unsuccessful relationship. Rema’s falsetto vocal adds a touch of fragility to the ‘Calm Down’ song’s relaxed, almost jazzy style.

Rema’s Calm Down: Lyrics Meaning

The tune ‘Calm Down’ conveys how hard it is to declare your love to someone. Rema recalls meeting a girl wearing yellow at the event and how his heart started beating rapidly in the song’s lyrics. The ‘Calm Down’ song outlines the way the rapper would speak to this girl while trying to convey his feelings to her. The initial line of ‘Calm Down’ details Rema’s approach to the girl & her disdain of him. Rema tells her to take it easy since she felt insecure. Rema wants to show to her that his affections are sincere and that he doesn’t play tricks with her. Rema then returns home and falls asleep while attempting to lose track of this girl in the song ‘Calm Down’. But it is unsuccessful since she’s still on his thoughts the next morning & stays there for days. The rap artist states his love by offering out his heart for this reason in particular. His heart is pounding because he is aware of the risk; Rema has gone through a great deal of suffering due to other girls, and he is hoping that she will understand the significance of his feelings.

Learn More About Calm Down’s Singer Rema

Rema is a Nigerian musician, rapper, as well as writer whose full name is Divine Ikubor. Rema rose to stardom in 2019 with the release of his first song, “Iron Man.” Rema was born on May 1st, 2000, as well as raised in a musical household in Nigeria. Rema began his career in music as a rap artist while still in school, where Rema recorded & performed his songs at community events. In 2018, D’Prince, a record executive & musician from Nigeria, gave Rema his big break. D’Prince acquired a contract with ‘Mavin Records’, which is among the largest record companies in Nigeria, and also agreed to sign Rema to his recording company, Jonzing World. Rema has since put out a number of hit songs, notably “Dumebi,” “Lady,” “Ginger Me,” as well as “Bounce.” Rema’s distinctive fusion of Afrobeat as well as trap music, together with his iconic hooks as well as soulful vocals, have helped him gain a sizable fanbase both in Nigeria as well as abroad.

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