The Legend of Hanuman: Season 2

The Legend Of Hanuman Season 2

A warm to all readers! In this blog we are going to provide all the information related to season 2 of The Legend of Hanuman. Season 1 has already received a lot of success and love from the viewers and the viewers have demanded for season 2, so on Disney+ Hotstar the season 2 is there which shows the more exciting chapters in the life of the Mahabali Hanuman. In connection with season 1 the season 2 is based on the standing against the evil that is Ravan and the returning role is narrated by a very known actor that is none other than Sharad Kelkar. After this people are egerly waiting for the legend of hanuman season 3

Mahabali Hanuman Returning

A huge amount of applause and respect has been given to season 1 of “The Legend of Hanuman” and after knowing the excitement of the viewers the season 2 is coming with more powerful narration and the sequels of the title.

Voiceover by Sharad Kelkar

By continuing the story of Mahabali Hanuman the voiceover artist is Sharad Kelkar who is going to take us to the beautiful journey of Lord Hanuman with is attractive dialogues delivery and very beautifully storytelling way, we are going to see the further adventures in the life of Lord Hanuman as he continues to unfold his journey.

Family Show

From children to parents, everyone loves to watch the journey of Lord Hanuman and this show has easy and simple dialogue delivery which is best for every age audience. Show comes with powerful music and best storytelling which is the reason behind being interesting for the whole family.

Fight of Lord Hanuman with Evil

In the previous season there was Angad with him for his support and Jambavan for guidance but in this season our beloved Lord Hanuman has to fight and survive by himself. As he starts the journey to the golden city Lanka which is across the sea he has to handle everything on his own. We are going to see whether his new divine power is enough or not in front of King of the Lanka Ravana. Although, with the guidance and blessings of Lord Ram, the Mahabali Hanuman is going to fight with the greatest evil.

A Summary

A never forgettable remark of the avatar of “The Legend Of Hanuman ” in Indian animation is going to stay in the minds of the audience for a long period. It’s all because of the beautifully storytelling and powerful voiceover artist. Audiences can watch season 2 on Disney +Hotstar.